Rebranding of NKD SKN product and packaging for organic self-tanning products.

Not affiliated with the brand 

14 week, Summer 2019


Design For All

A new series of NKD SKN tailored to people wishing to try out the product line without the hassle of color matching. Easy 'pack and go' for a quick vacation look anywhere.

Key Attributes







Current Design

too tight for a space


two different colors

two different fonts TOO MUCH for a logo

spacing is different

the font does not match the brand category

too small to read

background picture is a bit distracting, if there is a line of products.


cmf is different from the rest, especially the color. Easy to get it dirty 

not important information

the form is not interesting

hard to read the scent

Logo Exploration

nkd skn research-10.jpg


nkd skn research-22.jpg

Mock Up

nkd skn research-17.jpg

Commercial Poster

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NKD SKN wants to empower its customers by providing a customized line of products that engender loyalty, while offering a brand identity that resonates and gives a sense of affinity.